Sis Cares

The charitable organization of Sisters In Sports

There’s nothing more rewarding than helping our fellow Sisters—and the communities they live in. That’s why our Sis Cares mission is twofold. To provide critical resources to Sisters and their children experiencing physical, emotional or financial distress. Then as a group, working together to respond to tragedy in our local communities.

As professional sports families, we’re in a special position to share our time and talents. We also understand how circumstances and tragedy can change someone’s world forever. Let’s use our unique platform to make a difference.


Strong for each other

Since the launch of Sis, we’ve heard so many stories of Sisters needing financial and emotional assistance. Here are just a few of the issues they face:

  • Medical expenses: Athlete’s concussions, career-ending injuries, life-threatening illnesses and more can drain a family’s resources.
  • Domestic violence: A Sister may be afraid to seek help at a shelter for fear of press coverage or losing her children.
  • Property damage/loss: A house fire or natural disaster may devastate a family’s livelihood.

Sis Cares puts funding in place so we’re ready to help when unexpected situations happen to our Sisters.


A world of giving

Outside the sports world, we’re also concerned with those who may be struggling. Our Sisters generously work together for a common cause in times of distress, from earthquakes to health epidemics. And of course, we’re always open to learning about new issues that may need funding.

Real-life success stories

In 2015, a fellow Sis lost everything to her husband’s medical bills due to CTE that had developed after many years of playing in the NFL. Sisters came together and provided this family with enough money to get them through a few more months.

When a tornado ripped through Oklahoma in 2013, a fellow Sister approached us for assistance with the fundraising she had started for her hometown.

In December of 2013, a Sister asked us to get involved with her favorite charity in providing Christmas gifts for military families. Over ten Sisters offered gifts and grocery cards for five families.

How can you play a part

When you give to Sis Cares, you’ll know your money is fully supporting our mission of service. There are two ways to contribute:

Make a donation right now. Every dollar helps support Sis Cares and Sisters and their children in distress.

Create your own way of giving. Contact us to discuss how we can work together